What Does Frame Damage Mean For Your Car?

When you think of the worst damages to your car, you probably think something along the lines of a blown transmission or an overheated engine. Car frame damage, however, is often overlooked but it can have disastrous effects on your vehicle. Not only is it the structure of your vehicle, but it is also perhaps the single most important safety feature. If you have a bent car frame or any unibody damage, you’ll be noticing more and more problems arising with the functionality of your vehicle. Structural damage to your car can also cause a costly chain reaction.

Before we go further, it’s important to know exactly what a car frame is.

Also known as the chassis, the car frame is basically the skeleton of your car. It is the foundation on which your car is built. Easily identifiable parts of the car frame include the floor pan, rear support, rocker panel, and the apron.

unibody damage

One of the most common versions of a car frame is known as a unibody frame. In the earlier days of automobile production, typical frames consisted of many different parts fused together. Nowadays, modern car construction uses a unibody frame. A unibody frame has both the chassis and the bodywork fused together. Because of development, unibody damage is much easier to repair.

Despite the name, a unibody frame does actually have separate pieces. Since unibody frame is made of lighter material, driver’s get better fuel economy and more control over their vehicle. The frame is also better at absorbing the impact of a crash than its counterparts. If there is unibody damage to a car, it was most likely due to a major accident.

bent car frame

Car frame damage can be difficult to identify and is not easily seen by the naked eye. That’s why, if you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s important to take it to an auto body shop for both the repairs and a checkup.

Although there are many complications that arise from car frame damage, the most serious of all is that it affects the safety of your vehicle. Bent car frames can cause vehicles to pull to one side when driving, which is dangerous on the road. They also will be less effective when absorbing impact during an accident, leaving the passengers at a greater risk of injury. Getting collision repairs on the structure of your car can cost up to $1000 without paintwork. Although it is a heavy price to pay, it is worth your safety.