Accidents, unfortunately, happen all the time and they can become a stressful and scary situation. According to Colorado State Patrol, there are over 70 accidents a day in the state on average. Figuring out what repairs will be needed and estimating your car’s value after the accident can be difficult. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make this process smoother.

Car Value After An Accident

Unfortunately, after an accident, the car’s value will diminish. You can take precaution with auto repair shops and insurance companies to make sure you will be getting the highest car value after an accident. The claim adjuster’s estimate is a benchmark for what they believe to be the car’s value after an accident. Get your own independent estimate from certified mechanics at a trusted repair shop.

You do not have to use generic parts to repair your car. After checking your car for accident damage you can choose to repair your car with the original equipment manufacturer parts. Keep in mind you may have to pay the price difference if your policy is based on using generic parts. This will factor into your car value after an accident.

How Long Do You Have to Repair Your Car After the Accident?

Depending on the circumstances on your crash, you typically do not have long to repair your car after an accident. Handling the repairs sooner than later after the accident will be to your benefit.

Insurance companies may take weeks to get back to you with estimates of repairs. In the meantime, we recommend gathering a quote from a trusted and certified auto repair shop.

The sooner you jump on repairing your vehicle with your insurance company, independent repair shops, and other involved parties, the better. It could end up costing more if you wait longer to repair your car after the accident.

Where Do I Take My Car After an Accident?

Determining where to take your car after an accident can be a feat in it of itself. First and foremost, contact your insurance provider with explicit details. As mentioned, start seeking out reputable car repair shops to do you your diligence. You can choose where to take your car after the accident. You do not have to use a shop in your insurance company’s list.

We recommend that you get at least one estimate on your own before agreeing with the cost of your insurer’s estimate agreement. Remember, you do not have to sign the insurance company’s estimate agreement.

check car for accident damage

Should I Repair My Car After an Accident?

Your initial reaction may be to repair your car at any cost, but you may want to consider some important factors before committing to the first quote you get. In deciding on repairs to your car after an accident, you should consider weighing your car’s depreciated value against the cost of the required investment necessary to repair it.

More often than not, repairing your car after an accident will be the best option, especially if the repairs are covered by insurance.

If you do decide to not repair your car after an accident, your insurance company may drop the physical damage coverage for your vehicle. The next time you may be at fault for an accident, your own vehicle may not be covered. If the area damaged is repeated, the insurance company may only pay for part of the claim. Electing not to repair your car after an accident may end up costing you more in the future with the damaged vehicle or other car purchases.

Checking Your Car for Accident Damage

There may be damages that are not immediately apparent. Besides the cosmetic damage, there could be internal, mechanical damage. Getting a reliable quote is necessary to have other options other than the insurance company’s initial estimate. Most of the time, this will help save you money in overall repair costs.

You are welcome to dispute your case for the cost of repair with the insurance adjuster if you feel there is something missing. Be sure to have your estimate to back up your claims along with any records on your car’s maintenance or upgrades.  

Ensure you are talking to a certified car repair shop. AutoSport has been servicing car accident repairs since 1979. AutoSport works with all insurance companies to ensure we keep your car’s value after an accident. View our collision repairs and contact our car accident repair professionals with over 75 years of combined experience.