Questions To Ask When Looking For A Collision Repair Shop

When your car starts making funky noises, or the check engine light turns on, or you just know that it needs a repair, it’s usually a time-sensitive matter. If your transmission is the issue, you need to take your car in immediately. But if it’s a less urgent matter, like squeaky brakes, you can take a few days before waiting to bring it in. Still, time is of the essence.

Finding an autobody shop with fair prices, experienced mechanics, and reliable automotive equipment can be a lengthy process. If you take your car to the wrong auto body repair shop, you might get it back in worse shape than when you dropped it off, so you have to be careful and not make any rash decisions. However, if you know the right auto body repair questions, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

How Would You Choose An Auto Repair Facility

The first step to finding a good auto repair shop is to make a list of potential locations. You can ask your family and friends about places they’ve had good experiences with or check Google reviews for local body shops. Word-of-mouth recommendations and customer reviews can help you avoid the nasty experience of getting scammed, which, unfortunately, is not uncommon.

Next comes the process of elimination. When you call or visit each shop, you’ll have to go down a list of questions to ask auto repair shops. Keep in mind, you’re always entitled to inquiring further on a shop’s credentials and experience if you choose to do so.

Auto Body Repair Estimate

Before committing to any of an auto body shop’s services, you’ll need to get an auto body repair estimate price. You can compare and contrast different shops with their estimates, and see if a higher price is worth it. Higher quality and reputable shops will often have higher rates and, depending on the kind of care your car needs, this could be the best option. If possible, when you agree on the auto body repair estimate, get it in writing as well. Certain low reputation shops will start off with one price and then find excuses to raise the price by the end of the service.

Reliable Automotive Equipment

Even if the mechanics at a given shop are experienced, they won’t be any use unless they’re using modern and reliable automotive equipment. AutoSport Collision Repair recommends asking the owner or staff of the shop about the equipment they use and have them explain how they’re going to use it to repair your vehicle. Be wary of shops who do not have ASE-Certified technicians.

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