Experts have found that regular drivers will be involved in one collision every 17.9 years. A large portion of those collisions is likely to be that of a fender-bender, or a small, non-fatal collision. Fender-benders are among the most minor of vehicle collisions and have an extremely low mortality rate. In the event of a fender-bender, many people prefer to pay for the auto body repair without insurance rather than filing an insurance claim. Why is that?

Well, first off, the driver who damaged the other’s car is the one who will be responsible for covering the cost of the car repair services. Some people decide on paying for car damage out of pocket for many reasons. One, if the at-fault driver has a history of accidents, tickets, or other driving violations on their record, their premium will increase drastically. Once the accident has been reported and the insurance claim filed, the at-fault driver can see an increase in their car insurance premium for more than three years. If numerous at-fault claims have been made by one driver, the insurance agency even has the right to a non-renewal.

auto body repair without insurance


Insurance Claim vs. Paying Out Of Pocket

If the cost of the vehicle’s repair service will be less than that of the potential insurance fees, paying for car damage out of pocket is probably your best bet. If you and the other driver mutually agree to take this route, it is recommended to get the agreement on paper to avoid any future legal issues. Should the other driver insists on involving insurance when you do not wish to do so, be aware that if they take it up with their insurance, yours is likely to hear about it shortly after.

Filing an insurance claim might also be necessary if there were multiple people involved in the crash or if the accident resulted in any injuries. Based on the severity of the accident, your insurance deductible, and your claim history, filing an insurance claim might even be legally required. Also, different states have different laws that require drivers to report any vehicle accidents. For example, some states require filing a police report for accidents with damages worth more than $2000.

paying for car damage out of pocket

If you are unsure about choosing to pay for auto body repair without insurance, you can speak to your insurance provider about it. They will help you weigh the costs and benefits of taking out an insurance claim vs. paying out of pocket and are candidly the best people to talk to about it. But sometimes, an out of pocket loss is simply the safest and cheapest way to deal with a minor car accident. For an affordable vehicle collision repair center that you can trust, call Auto Sports Collision Repair at (720) 893-9917!