Auto accidents are an unfortunate part of driving, something that we all want to avoid. We never see collisions coming and even when we do our best to avoid them, they still occur.  The faster you are driving, the more likely an accident and the more damage that is going to occur. While driving at slower speeds may mean less damage, inspections after any accident by a reputable auto shop is necessary to ensure you do not suffer transmission damage from a rear end collision.

Can a Rear End Collision Damage Transmission?

What many people do not realize is that with rear end collision damage; transmission problems are an unseen potential issue to your vehicle.  In fact rear end collisions have a higher chance of damaging transmissions when the vehicle is rear wheel drive.

There are several signs that you may have transmission damage from a rear end collision. While vehicles with rear-wheel drive are more likely to have transmission damage from rear end collisions, front-wheel drive vehicles are also at risk for transmission damage from rear end collisions.

Here are 3 signs that your vehicle suffered rear end transmission damage.

rear end collision

Transmission Starts to Slip

No one ever likes the feel or sound of a slipping transmission. Even a minor accident can cause a misalignment, leak or small vibration in the transmissions internal or external components.   Transmissions need to be looked at right after the collision, because while it may be a minor issue at the time of collision, in a few months the transmission issues may worsen and at this stage it is unlikely your insurance company will accept that the transmission issue is the result of your collision.

Leaking Transmission

Both front end and rear end collision can cause cracking and then leaking of the transmission. A leaking transmission is not a good sign. You can be sure there will be bigger and more expensive problems down the road.  If you notice leaking of your transmission after rear end collision damage, transmission inspection should be performed immediately.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

Do you notice unusual sounds or loud noises coming from your transmission. Transmission damage from a rear end collision occurs when parts are bumped and misaligned from the impact. There may be trouble shifting gears due to slipping, the transmission may shift to the wrong gears, and sometimes, the transmission stays in one gear and it is difficult to move.

rear end transmission

Contact AutoSport Collision Repair When You Notice a Problem

Immediately after rear end collision damage your transmission should be inspected by a qualified auto collision repair shop. Transmission damage from rear end collisions can be catastrophic and working with qualified and certified auto specialists with extensive knowledge is key to a fully functional transmission.

Always have your vehicle fully inspected after any collision. If your transmission was damaged in an auto accident it is very likely your insurance company will be involved in the repairs.  When speaking with your insurance company insist upon working with qualified and certified mechanics, well experienced in rear end collision damage to transmission. Contact AutoSport Collision Repair if you’ve been in a rear end collision.