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Once your vehicle has arrived for repair our auto body professionals will do a comprehensive inspection to look for any hidden damage. If additional damage is not found the repair will continue following the original estimate that was written.

If additional damage is found then your AutoSport estimator will add a supplement to the original estimate that was written. You will be contacted and informed of the additional cost involved to properly repair your vehicle. If this is an insurance repair then we will contact the insurance company and inform them of the additional damage found. Work will continue once you or the insurance company has approved this supplement. AutoSport Collision will then order any additional parts and continue with your vehicle's repair.

We also repair frame damage by using the Velocity Frame Measuring and Straightening System. Velocity provides reports to show measurements before and after repairs, offering indisputable evidence that the repairs made were not only needed, but that AutoSport's auto body professionals returned the vehicle frame to its pre-accident condition.

Once the needed repairs are completed, your vehicle will then proceed to the Paint Department.
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